The Developing History Of Wide-Legs Pants

19 November

What kind of trousers that can contain long johns inside?
Of course, it has to obey the following rules: firstly, it needs to be loose-fitting; then, it should be chic & comfortable.

The wide leg trousers, no doubt, can meet both of these two conditions. In recent years, no matter the clothing markets, or our closets have been captured by these trendy items. However, do you know wide-legs have a long history in the fashion world? Now, let us reveal her fashion secret together.↓

1920s ~1930s

Thanks to the impact of Asian fashion cultures, in the period of 1910s-1920s, people generally used silk to make wide-leg pants or palazzo pants. You can find that the superstars or the nobility like to wear the loose pajamas, but almost without exception, the style is straight-leg, loose-fitting and ankle's length.

 Singer: Josephine Baker(left)
 Actress:Gertrude Olmstead (right)
In the late 1920s, this type of wide-leg pajamas become popular among the nobility and civilians as well. They like to wear them for holidays, even stay at home.

In the 1930s, wide-leg pants have turned to be the daily outfits and the design tends to be a marine style.

1940s ~1950s

Women have to wear trousers when working in 1940s, therefore, the exaggerated design of wide-legs in 1920s to 1930s seems to be burdensome. The females need free and comfortable pants for work. So for this reason, the bottoms have become much narrow.

Pantsuit Style ( Basic shirts + high waisted wide-leg pants ) are the standard look for the office lady at the age of 1940s.

In the 1950s, women can truly enjoy the freedom, and the apparel doesn't have so many limits as well.

Girls know clearly about what kind of style they want without constraints. They don't blindly pursue the loose design, on the contrary, they would like to show their charming maiden temperament. Thus, the feature of this-aged wide-legs is shorter and well-fitting than before.

Nowadays, the trend of wide-legs pants gorgeously come back and in How To Wear Wide Leg Pants 2017 and Fashion Mix Of Wide-leg Pants I will show you how to make a perfect look with wide-leg pants. ჰჰჰ❛‿❛ჴჴჴ

Hope you will like it!!!

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