Tips For Packing Your Suitcase

07 May

When we go traveling, go to school or go on a business trip, we always find the suitcase is too small to accept all of our private belongings. The ordinary method of folding clothes takes up too much space. In order to solve the packing problems, today I'm going to show you how to pack up in a minimum space.

A. How big is your suitcase? 

You need to know whether your suitcase is overweight. Most airlines publish the information of free baggage size and weight on their official website. Therefore, make sure your luggage is within the specified size to prevent unnecessary costs.

B. Roll up your clothes instead of laying them flat. 

Lay your clothes flat on a bed or the clean floor before packing your luggage, plus, roll up your clothes carefully and classify them according to ladies shirts, men's trousers, vacation dresses, etc. So you can save more spaces and bring more objects for your trip!

C. Use glasses case for managing headphones and charge cables. 

Glasses box can protect your charger and headphones from being damaged.

Besides, you can use a coil spring to protect your charger from being bended fracture.

D. Take advantage of a shower cap. 

Bath cap is available for shoes packing. It's helpful to stop dirty soles from smudging other items.

E. Men can place your tie on the shirt's collar in order to keep the collar stereo. 

F. Ladies can put the cotton pads on your eye shadow or face powder to prevent from being damaged during the air consignment. 

G. Please be familiar with your hotel in advance. 

Learn some detailed information about the hotel you'll stay in. For example, whether it provides bath appliances, disposable toothbrushes or towels, which it's helpful for you when packing up your luggage.

Pack for a trip is the second step before starting off. The first step is choosing suitable resort wear for your whole journey. More details for choosing clothes, please read How To Make Your Travel Comfy

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