How To Wear Loose Clothes

30 November

Those girls/ women who like loose clothing always leave people a lethargic and lazy impression. In order to change this idea, there are some practical tips to make you exquisite and delicate when wearing the loose clothes.

 1. Try not to choose the gather bras 

Whether the loose tops or loose dresses/tent dresses, if you pair with gather bras, your upper body will be undoubtedly bloated and fatty. On the contrary, the non-gather bras can highlight your easy charm and your pure aura.

2. Black is always the best 

Loose clothes usually make people look fat, but black outfits can always make up this kind of flaw well. However, all black style is too solemn and lifeless, you can properly match other colors, apricot, white or gray is a good choice, or you can also try floral to embellish the whole look, making it become active and youthful.

3. Show a little skin 

The plain or the printing loose clothes are visually quiet, thus, show a little skin is a better idea to enhance your temperament. The beauty of leg lines and arm lines is appealing, undeniably amazing for this simple look.

4. Raise the waistline

The key point of loose outfits is the waistline. The high-waist designs are good for accentuating the waist, lengthening your leg line, making you look taller and slimmer!!! Of course, the waistband is another common way to achieve the same effect.

5. The classic colors are necessary 

Colors are the most important elements in costume matching since they can often bring the most intuitive feeling. Thus, it's particularly crucial to master some skills about classic colors matching. For example, beige and denim, light khaki and white, army green and beige, black and white, those combinations fit for everyone and have no faults in style.

6. Choose your suitable style based on your skin tone 

Skin tone is another important element for clothes matching. If you know how to choose your style based on your skin tone, you will avoid many mistakes. For example, women with a fair skin can hold any color outfits, while others with a yellowish or dark skin should not choose pink, pinkish purple or powder-blue outfits since those colors will make you more masculine.

7. Choose the soft outfits 

Loose clothes with soft texture are more comfortable and breathable than others with hard texture. Above all, the soft and draped clothes easily show your grace, elegance, and temperament, that's why loose linen clothing is always the first choice!

8. Flats or wedges are perfect 

Simple is the best, it's also true in the choice of shoes. Because loose clothes is cozy and casual, pairing with those comfortable shoes- flats, wedges or sneakers, casual loafers, can bring you more easeful feeling.

In today's fashion world that advocates oversized fashion, it's quite common for us to prepare a few pieces of loose clothing for our own. There is no denying that the loose clothing is cozy, comfortable, but it's also difficult to shape figure and easy to leave people a lazy impression.
However, if you know some matching tips about loose clothes, you don't need to worry about those defects anymore.

9.Highlight Layering

Layering is particularly effective when there is a notable contrast in the shade, colors or texture of two overlapping objects. For example, pair a short outerwear with long colorful dresses, the difference of colors and length can easily present a strong layering.

Or match a metallic accessory with a loose maxi dress to complete the look and add an extra layer, which also makes obvious sophisticated effect in vision.

10. Pair with Tassel Outfits 

Shawl, shoe or bag always creates an exotic sense when it's decorated with tassels. Indeed, this gentle, flexible and exotic fringe undoubtedly enhances your natural and unrestrained temperament, making you more exquisite and delicate, that's why I regard it as the best fashion element for the loose clothes matching.

11. Use Accessories to Polish Your Look

The design of loose clothes is generally simple and plain, which inevitably makes people feel dull or boring. To break the monotony, you have to know how to polish your look with accessories or jewelry. Scarf, one of my most recommended outfits, can not only creates an extra layer, but also makes the total look more changeable.

  • Belt, the most common accessory for loose fitting clothes, is good for raising the waistline, and lengthening the leg line as well, which is useful to shape your body.

  • Necklace, bracelet, the other two jewelry to polish your look, is also good to style yourself.

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